Free myspace polls | Free Online Blogs | Free Guestbooks | Free Forum Hosting | Free Site Search is a free remotely hosted search service that allows webmasters to add search on their site. provide free site search. We index unlimited number of pages from website, unlimited number of folders from your website, order search result by relevancy, no CGI-BIN directory required, no HTML knowledge required etc.

Our service offers a unique feature. add a free web site search to your webpages. You don't need to know the HTML and programming languages, you should only add your web site to our database using the form in the bottom of the page, then insert received HTML code on your web page. During a week our spider will crawl your site. After that visitors of your site will be able to find all that your web site pages contain. Weekly, our spider will refresh content of your web pages in database. Save your visitors from viewing 1000 of pages, give them an chance to find that they need in a few seconds.
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